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Community Wellness Centers are designed to eliminate barriers to learning by providing students with a school-based program that promotes healthy, safety, school engagement and resources through community partnerships. The Community Wellness Center provides access to direct and indirect services for students and their families. These students are considered to live in socio-economic communities and come to school unprepared to learn; the goal is to provide the whole child what he/she needs through the Wellness Center, to continue their education with no disruptions.

The Community Wellness Center supports families through the following: parent classes for self-efficiency such as health, literacy, parenting, and nutrition.  The center also provides resources for basic needs like clothing, shoes, transportation, and food. Family outreach and support is given through case management.  The center will provide referrals for access to physical health, dental, immunizations, and insurance.

Schools with school-based wellness/family centers are considered community schools and are known to be a home away from home. The goal is to provide students/families who need special services with support in educational success and emotional wellbeing. School-based wellness centers provide direct and indirect services that eliminate barriers to learning.

Lilach Gradient
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