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What is Mindfulness?

There are many definitions on what mindfulness means, but Embracing Families with Hope defines mindfulness as a practice that pays attention to the present moment with purpose, kindness and curiosity.

Mindfulness Classrooms

The Mindfulness Classroom is a teaching space where teachers and students can reduce stress, anxiety, strengthen attention, focus, and support social and emotional growth. The appearance is not your traditional classroom. The room is filled with calm and relaxing decor, helping the students relax and be focused while learning.

What happens when a classroom becomes a Mindfulness Classroom?

The tone of the classroom shifts, barriers breaks down between social cliques, students who normally would not step up becomes the class advocate. Students are more grateful of each other and show they are more calm and peaceful throughout the learning process.

Who will benefit the most from a Mindfulness Classroom?

All students and teachers will benefit from a mindfulness classroom, but students who are in families facing complex problems, students who have social-emotional learning difficulties or suffer from behaviors issues, will benefit the most.

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