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Social Emotional Mindfulness Coach

Wellness Champion

Yoga Instructor

Connie Edwards is a Social-Emotional Mindfulness Coach who received her certification from Breathe for a Change. Her certification also includes her being a Wellness Champion and a Yoga Instructor. She has more than 20 years' experience working with school-aged children. She reduces the barriers to learning by providing school-based wellness centers and connecting the students and their families with resources through community partnership.

Connie Edwards created a model school based family center for Healthy Start in Pasadena Unified School District. Currently, under the direction of the superintendent, she has created a school-based Wellness Center at Moreno Valley Unified School District that has a full functioning shower and laundry facility, food pantry and clothing closet for families in need.

Throughout her career, Connie has received numerous recognitions and awards. Her most recent awards are Women of Distinction through the 61st Assembly Member Jose Medina, Unsung Hero Award from Molina Healthcare, 2019 Golden Bell Award and the 2020 National School Board Association Magna Award for Moreno Valley School District Wellness Center.

Connie's service to the community is an expression of who she is as a person. She is always looking for different ways to connect with and help students and their parents become better people. She has her own unique way of communicating with students and parents to help them see themselves as worth the extra effort. With the purpose and hope of benefiting the students and alleviating barriers to academic success, Connie works wholeheartedly to improve the socio-economic issues that our students endure.


Building relationships with various community partners is easy for Connie, as she expresses the value of their support and the benefits to the students and their families. Her passion to help others is evident in the many relationships she has developed, nurtured and fostered along the way. Connie's goal, along with partners such as Geri Smiles Dental program, Pure-land Foundation, Tzu-Chi Foundation, to name a few, is to improve not only the academic but the social economic lives of students, to eliminate barriers for whole child and their families.



Embracing Families with Hope started in August 2019 at Creekside Elementary School in the Moreno Valley Unified School District. Under the leadership of Connie Edwards, the program is an eight-week course consisting of Guided Meditation and Asana Yoga practices. Each week focuses on a different mindfulness theme and activity. The course can be ongoing, if needed. The program is designed for school-aged kids and adults and a family mindfulness yoga class.

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